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Australia remains the second largest destination country for Chinese students 4475

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Australia is still the second largest destination country for Chinese students

Australia remains the second most popular destination for Chinese students to study abroad after the United States, ahead of Canada and the United Kingdom, according to a report released by a Chinese study abroad education agency。Although the Australian dollar exchange rate has been high in the past few years, it has not affected the interest of Chinese students to study in Australia。

According to the report, in the study abroad market share, the United States (accounting for 28.44%) and Australia (23%).Canada (19 percent).58%) and the United Kingdom (9%).74%) has more than 80% of the market。

If we look only at high school students studying abroad, these four countries account for 90 percent of the study abroad market。Australia was pushed into third place by the United States and Canada。

Official figures show that Chinese students in Australia account for 40 percent of the total number of Chinese students studying in Australia for undergraduate studies and 23 percent for graduate studies。However, there are signs that the age of Chinese students coming to Australia is getting younger。

The report also shows that, in contrast to the previous belief that "studying abroad is not good," the vast majority of Chinese students planning to study abroad are excellent, versatile, and have a strong desire to go abroad, and their parents are also three high (i.e., high income, high education, high position)。