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Secondary school enrolment schedule in New South Wales, Australia 4385

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After the epidemic, Australia's young study abroad has been heating up。More and more parents are choosing to enroll their children in Australian public primary and secondary schools。The Education Bureau of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, has been favored by Chinese parents and students for its excellent geographical location and high-quality education。So, parents and students have been very curious, how is the arrangement of Australian middle school students' school day?According to the official information of the New South Wales Education Department, we summarize as follows:


A school day

School hours are generally from 8:45 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday. In general, the school has 5 to 8 classes per day, with each class ranging from 40 minutes to 1 hour。

There are two breaks a day.Morning tea break (rest) and lunch break, during which there will be teacher supervision。

Students usually bring their own breakfast and lunch to school or buy food from the school canteen。

Students are expected to attend school every weekday and the school records their daily attendance。

Strict attendance requirements meet important requirements for a student visa。 


Most public schools in New South Wales require students to wear school uniforms。Inform students of the uniform requirements when re-registering。

Uniform prices typically range from $250-300, depending on the number of items purchased by the student。

School assessment and schoolwork progress

School assessments and assignments are an important part of the school curriculum。Students may be required to complete homework oral presentations and exams, which will count 袚 towards the final grade of the course。 These assessments help teachers assess progress and prepare student performance reports for parents。


Off-campus activities

In addition to learning in the classroom, the school also attaches great importance to learning outside the classroom。The school will organize subject-related extracurricular activities (such as visits to art galleries, museums, zoos, etc.), providing practical field activities are an essential part of the school curriculum。


The school will arrange sports activities once a week。Sports activities such as track and field and swimming carnivals help develop students' teamwork spirit and good athletic skills。

Extracurricular study

The school also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, including: official sports, school performances, music societies and clubs, debates and public speaking。 Taking part in these activities is an effective way for students to practice their English and make friends。 

Community activity

Being involved in the community through volunteering helps to enhance students' sense of social responsibility。Students are able to develop a sense of global citizenship, understand the importance of helping others and be exposed to social diversity and multiculturalism。They are able to apply their knowledge to real-life situations and get involved in charities and fundraisers that help solve local and global problems。